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5 Renovations Under $7,000 That Add Serious Property Value

5 Renovations Under $7,000 That Add Serious Property Value

According Forbes research, when it comes to adding property value to your home, most people go through the basic upgrades and renovations that are frequently recommended. New flooring, new roof, updated stairs: All of these can have positive effects on your property value, but they are also expensive projects that can have a negative effect on your bottom line. And whether you’re flipping a house or just improving home value, return on investment is key.

Here are some smaller projects, all for $7,000 or less, that can help improve your property value without breaking the bank.

  1. Modernize the bathroom
  2. Invest in a small-scale kitchen remodel
  3. Replace your entry door
  4. Make | update exterior landscaping and lighting
  5. Add a wooden deck with embedded lights

With just a few small renovations, you can see how your property value can shoot up very quickly. While you won’t recoup 100% of your investment with every estate improvement, being smart about where you put your money can help add to the bigger picture, all of which can be helpful when it’s time to sell.


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